Tuesday, October 23, 2007

AC/DC Acquires acdc.com Domain Name

AC/DC has gained control of the acdc.com domain name.

The domain was previously owned by a company specializing in adult content. The purchase price was not disclosed.

AC/DC label manager Sam Horsburgh from Albert Productions in Sydney said with fans as young as 10 or 11 turning to the site something had to be done.

"The demographic of the band has shifted a lot," Mr Horsburgh said.

"The push to get it back came predominantly because they knew there were a lot of younger fans coming through.

"The young fans are so net savvy its the first thing they do. And there was some interesting viewing up there for some time."

The band has flicked the switch on the domain which now contains archival footage and information related to the band. For those about to rock you should check out the new site.

Oh...to be a fly on the wall during those high voltage negotiations.



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