Thursday, May 10, 2007

Giving new meaning to "uphill battle"

Kentucky Fried Chicken hatches a plan to cause England's Tan Hill Inn to cease and desist its use of "Family Feast" to describe the inn's fried chicken boxed meal. The Tan Hill is England's highest pub, located on a remote walking path 528 meters above sea level. For reference, New Hampshire's Mount Washington is at 6,288 meters. No pub at the top.

Update: that was fast. I hereby suggest all newspapers have the following sentence prepared in advance for the next thousand times this happens: "[company X] has backed off its trademark infringement claim against [small company Y] in the face of withering scorn from all corners of the globe. Lawyers for [company X] have apologized for their over-exuberance, and pledged to avoid sending ill-advised cease and desist letters in the future."



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