Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Gas brand loyalty

In the context of reviewing a recent BP ad campaign, Seth Stevenson at Slate wonders if anyone really chooses a gas station based on brand rather than location or price. Speaking for myself, I do, most of the time, though that loyalty changes depending on what's available in my area. When I was living in Concord, I hit the Hess station more often than not. I hate the Jets (owned by founder Leon Hess), but I like Hess' collectible trucks, and their prices are usually pretty good. Around here, I tend to favor Irving. I think that's due to some lingering fondness developed when my family stopped at their stations a lot during a road trip through Canada when I was a kid. Again, prices are generally good, and I sort of like the Blue Canoe mark. It's goofy, in a Canadian sort of way. If we had BP in our area, I'd probably give them a shot. I admit to being attracted to their new mark, and those ads featured on Slate are pretty catchy. Bright colors and whistling get me every time.




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