Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Miami Fashion Week Trademark Dispute

There seems to be a battle going on in Florida over use of the mark MIAMI FASHION WEEK.

Beth Sobol, founder of Fashion Week of the Americas, filed a lawsuit last week in U.S. District Court alleging she registered trademarks for the terms ''Miami Fashion Week'' and ''Fashion Week Miami,'' and that two other events, Funkshion Fashion Week Miami and Funkshion Fashion Week Miami Beach, infringe on her trademarks.

It's true that Sobol Fashion Productions, Inc. owns a registration for MIAMI FASHION WEEK. Although the mark is registered, it should be noted that the registration is on the Supplemental Register, and it contains a disclaimer for the words FASHION WEEK. Registrations on the Supplemental Register are afforded almost none of the legal presumtions that registrations on the Principal Register are given.

The article states that Sobol also registered the mark FASHION WEEK MIAMI. But it appears that her company only has a pending application for federal registration. That being said, Sobol's company may have state registrations.

Ms. Sobol's nemesis is also trying to get his foot in the door at the PTO.



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