Thursday, March 29, 2007

You have chosen... poorly

Those of us of a certain age fondly remember the Choose Your Own Adventure book series. The conceit of the books is that over the course of the story, you the reader make various choices -- e.g. do you eat the cupcake or open the door -- each of which directs you to a different page in the book. The choice you make causes the plot to reach a different conclusion. It was pretty hot stuff for its time. My favorite, pictured above, was Your Code Name Is Jonah, which someone simply has to use as a band name.

Now it seems the Vermont-based Chooseco (great name!), owners of the "Choose Your Own Adventure" mark, is irked to find that Jeep is promoting their new Patriot model via a microsite, including the tag line "choose your adventure," where the user guides the plot of a film by choosing among different actions. Blame those young whippersnappers in creative. No sense of history.



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