Friday, March 02, 2007

Bands and the Law part. 241

Bands and solo musicians can face daunting legal issues. From complicated copyright and trademark matters, to inter-band disputes, there are many things that can get in the way of what a musician should be doing: making music. Our firm sees these problems first hand on a daily basis.

I am linking to William Patry's recent post regarding copyright ownership of sound recordings by individual members of a band not for the copyright information per se. What I find interesting is the use of the band's federal trademark application as evidence of a partnership.

From the opinion: Moreover, the trademark application, signed under oath by Heraclio Garcia, asserted that the band was a partnership and that Lopez was a general partner.

Michael Atkins also has another recent post regarding trademark infringement actions involving a band called "Hi-Five". More info on Michael's blog.



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