Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The things you find at the PTO

Perhaps you recall earlier this year when Grover Norquist got a bit of press when it was revealed that he had filed an application for federal registration of the "The K Street Project" trademark. At the time, he said "We will jealously guard the real phrasing the way Kleenex and Coca-Cola do. We will sue anyone who says it wrong and make lots of money." It seemed a bit odd that the application was for a design mark (a green street sign), but hey, it's his money.

So today I'm poking around the PTO, looking for marks using the word "street" in International Class 35, and I come across an application, filed by Grover Norquist, for this mark:
The K Street Project promotes the hire of lobbyists at corporations and trade associations who understand free-market economics, who support their principled positions for free trade, against tort law abuse, and for lower and more transparent taxation.
Offered without comment, except to note that Norquist works in Washington D.C., where there is no shortage of trademark attorneys at his disposal.



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