Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hendrix lots to be auctioned, including certain copyrights

Ocean Tomo's Fall 2006 IP auction will include the copyright and reel-to-reel recording of a never-released Jimi Hendrix song.

"We are actually selling three lots pertaining to Hendrix: the reel-to-reel recording of 'Station Break'; the master recording rights to 33 songs recorded by Hendrix in conjunction with Curtis Knight; and the rights, title and interest in the entire Jimi Hendrix music catalog as claimed by the estate of Michael Frank Jeffery," wrote Wendy Chou, a representative for Ocean Tomo.

Talk about vague. I would love to see the chain of title documentation for those lots.The "as claimed by" statement is quite telling. Make sure you add in litigation costs before you bid.



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