Monday, June 12, 2006

Stolen art, $3 billion real estate funds, and an unethical lawyer

The mystery behind a major Massachusetts art theft (the largest unsolved burglary from a private residence in state history) was solved last winter. But a story in today's Globe raises more questions than it answers. Now, the brothers who run a $3 billion real estate fund have parted ways due to one brother's involvement in the attempted consignment of the paintings to Sotheby's. Oh, and if you're a lawyer there is a great practice pointer in the story: Don't hide stolen property for 27 years and then try to sell it.

Matt says: the fact that the attorney and the two feuding brothers are Armenian has not escaped my attention, by the way. The Armenian half of me advises all those involved to sit down over a nice lahmejune and work things out.



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